Industrial-WLAN 4.0

Avisaro Gateways 4.0 Sky, Silver or Shell to store at USB Stick

for Interface RS232, CAN, RS485, 4..20mA

Sky 4.0 WLAN Logger  Silver 4.0 WLAN Logger  Shell 4.0 Logger + Gateway

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WLAN Logger Box 4.0 Sky

Data Logger with WiFi to store data to an USB Stick. Version: Wago

Article no.: C41124, C43324, C42224. C47724, C49924




WLAN Logger 4.0 Sky to transport data from a machine or sensor wirlessly and store data coming from the interface to an USB Stick. "D-Sub" connector.

Article no: C41014, C43014


WLAN Logger 4.0 Silver for rough environments to store data to an USB Stick. Version: cable gland.

Article No.: C41076, C43076, C42076, C47076, C49076


WLAN Logger 4.0 Shell with WLAN and UMTS/LTE, for Interfaces RS232 and CAN, for USB-Stick

Article No.: G41377, G41387


WLAN Logger 4.0 Shell

(can be expandet by UMTS/LTE Modem)

Interfaces: 1xRS232, 1xCAN, RS232+CAN

Article No.: C41077, C43077, C41377