Data logger box (2.0)

Product no.: M25833 (Interface: 2x RS232 (WAGO cage clamp))

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Ready to use data logger. Stores data from an interface to a SD memory card. Data files can be further processed directly on a PC. Logger runs on automatic mode - thus excisting remain as they are. In addition, a powerful command interface provides features for programmable devices such as SPS controls. Ideal to log long term process data, to replace small printer, log bar code data, ... . Scripting language allows to customize product (time stamping, ...).


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Interface 2x RS232 (WAGO cage clamp)
Included with 2 Wago cage clamps

Selection: Data logger box (SD)

Product no. Interface Price
M21133 RS232 (SubD-9 Pin) 315.00 €
M23133 CAN (SubD -9 Pin) 315.00 €
M25833 2x RS232 (WAGO cage clamp) 315.00 €
M26833 2x CAN (WAGO cage clamp) 315.00 €
M22833 2x RS485 / 1x RS422 (WAGO cage clamp) 315.00 €
M2R933 Ethernet (RJ45) + RS232 (WAGO cage clamp) 418.00 €
M2C933 Ethernet (RJ45) + CAN (WAGO cage clamp) 418.00 €
M2D933 Ethernet (RJ45) + RS485 (WAGO cage clamp) 418.00 €


Product Note Status Price
DIN Rail Fitting for 2.0 DIN Rail Fitting for 2.0
9.00 €
Power Supply (9V) Power Supply (9V)
24.00 €
WAGO to SubD adapter (RS232) WAGO to SubD adapter (RS232)
14.00 €
Dual RS232 Sniffer T-Box (Sale only together with Avisaro Data Logger Box) Dual RS232 Sniffer T-Box (Sale only together with Avisaro Data Logger Box)
79.00 €
SD Memory Card SD Memory Card
24.00 €
Cable SubD-9Pin Cable SubD-9Pin
14.00 €
WAGO Cage Clamp (grey) 3,5 WAGO Cage Clamp (grey) 3,5
4.00 €
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