(Interface: )

(RS232, RS485/422, CAN, Ethernet or I2C)
Ready to use data logger to store data coming from the interface to a SD memory card.

Order No.: M21133, M23133, M26833, M25833, M22833, M24933, M2R933, M2C933



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Product no.: Z4911

Fitting to mount WLAN Box or Data Logger to a DIN Rail. Fitting is screwed on the back side of the housing. Box is mounted parallel to DIN Rail, Memory Card points upwards.

Order no.: Z4911

Product no.: Z5112

Wall Plug Powersupply (Switching Power Supply), 9V, 0,6A, Input 100-240V, EU-Plug

Order no.: Z5112

Product no.: Z3012

Adapter to convert the WAGO clamp to a regular SubD plug (male). The SubD plug has a regular CAN pin assignment. Power supply is done through a barrel connector on the side.

Order no.: Z3012

Product no.: Z0988

8 GByte SD Memory Card. Branded product (SanDisk, SanDisk Ultra, Agfa or similar)

Order no.: Z0988

Product no.: CON0131

Fits to WAGO Cage Clamp on WLAN Box or Avisaro Data Logger.

Order no.: CON0131