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Data Logger 4.0

Data Logger 4.0 Azure and Silver to store on USB Stick

for Interface RS232, CAN, 4..20mA, 0..10V or Ethernet

Data Logger 4.0 Azure      Data Logger 4.0 Silver

Industrial-WLAN 4.0

Avisaro Gateways 4.0 Azure and Silver to store at USB Stick

for Interface RS232, CAN, RS485, 4..20mA

WiFi Logger 4.0 Azure    WiFi Logger 4.0 Silver

Data Logging 2.0

Data Logger Boxes or Cubes 2.0 to store on SD Cards (for RS232, CAN, RS485, I2C, SPI or Ethernet interface)

Data Logger Box 2.0       Logger Cube 2.0


for Data Logging and WLAN products

Zubehör   Zubehör

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USB memory stores data tamper-proof and protected